Sunday, June 7, 2009

hudson here

Hey guys... Hudson here checkin in

This weekend we spent time in Riverside with the fam... below is a picture of me telling Uncle Taylor that I want a cousin and Bailey doesn't count

Then I showed off my "tummy time" skills

By the end both me and my best friend Gunner were exhausted and we slept the whole way home. 

And today I got to meet my Grandpa Collins!!!

I think he is the biggest person I have ever seen

I could get used to this big man being around more often


The Hofschroer's said...

It's funny that Gunner is resting his head on Hudson's carseat... thats probably the only way he fits! haha! The last one with Grandpa is soo precious!

jan said...

Love the "Hudson-Gunner" pic....buddies from the start!

Tim and Shannon said...

So cute! I, too, love the Gunner and Hudson picture!

stringsofpurls said...

What a handsome grandpa Hudson has.