Sunday, February 15, 2009

my best friend

In light of Valentines day, I thought I would post a picture of my best friend.  I won't get too sappy with you all, but I do want to say how thankful I am for Travis.  He has been an amazing husband and I love him more and more as time goes on.  

This weekend I was also thinking about how Christian husbands are to lead their wives and love them the way Christ loved the Church.  Christ laid down his life for the Church and ultimately gave his life for us.  For a husband to love in this way his strength must come from the Lord.  I believe the act of laying one's life down is often found in the everyday little things.  So, I decided to make a list of just a few of ways Travis does this for me.  
-He takes out the trash without ever having to be asked
-I am always his first priority in regards to his schedule
-He is never too busy to just stop and hug me
-He places my needs before his own at the end of a long day
-He took care of everything when I was sick at the beginning of this pregnancy...which includes doing the laundry, cooking, cleaning the house and grocery shopping
-He would rather spend money on me than spend money on any of his own wishes
-He always puts toothpaste on my toothbrush and lays it out along with a cup of water and my vitamins at night
-He finds my cell phone wherever it may be and always makes sure it is plugged in at night
-He prays for me

I could make this list much longer, but I will save that for Travis.  However, I never want to take for granted the blessing he is to me.  I think he is going to be an amazing father and I can't wait to watch him in this new role. 


mary said...

hi! you don't know me but i go to capo beach calvary. i'm not sure how i came across your blog, but i know your husband travis is a very gifted singer and musician. i've been following your blog and see you belly grow with hudson.Be sure to post lots of pics of him when he enters the world.

God Bless You and Your Family



Ashley Jackson said...

aww, I love it! Its amazing to see a physical picture of Christ's love through a human capacity like this. Makes me so thankful!

Roxanna Grimes said...

Guy and I used to do that for each other on the toothbrush ritual...until he went and went sonic brushy on me. Toothpaste rolls off a rolling toothbrush. Oh, well, we've come up with other things. Keep up the good stuff guys.