Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fam Weekend

We spent some time in Oceanside this last weekend with my family.  It was a lot of fun to be together especially after the wedding.   Now we are all ready for Britt and Taylor's wedding in 4 1/2 months!!!

Waiting for Summer to arrive 

the old married couple

  the newlyweds 

the soon-to-be-weds

the brother-in-laws

crab dinner is a tradition for the fam vacation

The waitress had Travis wrapped in tin foil and dancing like a robot 
while we all sang happy birthday.

It was quite entertaining.

We had a great weekend just relaxing at the beach and spending time as a family.  Summer and her boyfriend, Brian even treated us all to a boat ride tour through the harbor. I only took pictures the first night, but Trev took some pictures so I am sure he will post a few of those on his blog. 


The Hofschroer's said...

I have been waiting for these....

Shaun, Erica, & Isaac said...

So it looks like Travis is the craziest "brother-in-law!" Definitely something Shaun is very familiar with! Being with family is always the best company!

I think it would be more fun with a baby Collins though!;)

Kassi said...

Hi Haylie!!

This is Kassi from magnolia baptist church...I dont know if you remember me but im the one who was in a pagent and we talked about that and I had a mypace as Kassi Garcia...well i remember you and travis!

I wanted to see how you guys were doing!!